Data Centre Solution

Server Consolidation

Server Consolidation

Server consolidation refers to the use of a physical server to accommodate one or more server applications or user instances. Server consolidation makes it possible to share a server’s compute resources among multiple applications and services simultaneously. It is mainly used to reduce the number of servers required in an organization.




ERP Infrastructure

ERP (enterprise resource planning) is an industry term for the broad set of activities that helps a business manage the important parts of its business.

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Infrastructure Optimizing

Infrastructure optimization is structured, systematic process for assessing an organization’s IT infrastructure and application platform across capabilities in order to provide an optimization roadmap toward a Dynamic IT.

Mail and Collaboration

Organizations seeking an Enterprise-level e-mail and collaboration system have many factors to consider: servers, software, data-redundancy, bandwidth, virus/junk-mail protection, and support and maintenance. The ongoing expense associated with maintaining an in-house e-mail system could cost thousands of dollars and cmplicate thing just to get started..


Storage Consolidation

Storage consolidation, also called storage convergence is a method of centralizing data storage among multiple servers. The objective is to facilitate data backup and archiving for all subscribers in an enterprise, while minimizing the time required to access and store data.